Amazon received more than a million pre-order on your Amazon Echo Auto

Amazon Echo Auto

Announced Amazon device Amazon Echo Auto in the event held by the company in September of last year. Is a small and sleek designed to bring the digital assistant Alexa to your car. Since then, the company started Amazon accepting pre-orders on this device and show that a lot of people want to bring digital assistant, a subsidiary of Amazon to their cars because the company received more than a million pre-order on this device.

Was device Amazon Echo Auto available via the support system in the beginning just so that we had to get an invitation from someone to buy this device, but the company decided to Amazon later offered it for pre-order. And now, confirmed by Amazon to TechCrunch they started shipping device Amazon Echo Auto for customers who request it in advance. According to the deputy head of the department responsible for the development of the Alexa company in the Amazon, Mr. Steve Rabuchin that some customers were lucky enough to get your Amazon Echo Auto by Christmas.

He added that Amazon has received more than a million pre-order on the device and that the company just started shipping units to customers. Received the first batch of customers their orders in the month of last December, continues to Amazon now charging the rest of the requests for the rest of the customers.

Amazon Echo Auto a dongle can be connected infotainment system in the vehicle, which offers drivers the possibility to access the digital assistant Alexa and interact with it using voice commands only with the knowledge that with eight microphones as it comes with a platform to install it in the dashboard. When it comes to price, it is available for purchase for $ 50 dollars, and therefore he solution is relatively cheap if you want to bring a digital assistant to your car.


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