Amazon Poly “Amazon Polly” to improve written texts to audio clips to add support to the Arab

أمازون بولي "Amazon Polly" لتحويل النصوص المكتوبة إلى مقاطع صوتية تضيف دعم العربية

Added Amazon new language to its service Amazon Poly “Amazon Polly” distinct in the Arabic language, to become able to read texts written and transferred to the audio clips heard in Arabic, has selected Amazon female voice for this addendum launched it is called “decorations”.

Considers Amazon’s service Poly “Amazon Polly” of the many services offered by Amazon and enjoy with artificial intelligence techniques and cutting-edge education, offering 59 voice and speak 29 different languages with the aim of converting written content to audio close to the salutation.

The service works on helping companies develop a digital product using appropriate words and arrange them from a large group of cases such as publishing, call centres are automated, telephony, applications, translation, reading articles, and learning languages.

Started Emirates NBD using this service to develop a voice messaging service to its customers better and is considered one of the early beneficiaries in the region in English and soon in Arabic. And service, Polly the bank on the formulation of messages, voice and customer voice “accessories” interact in a distinctive way with customers and encourages them that there is a real person behind the conversation.

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