Amazon paid paid for posting positive news about the work environment

Monitor a group of Twitter accounts to Tweet about the working conditions positive and repositories to meet the demands of the Amazon, but the story is bigger than just employees satisfied.

Revealed site tech crunch for about 15 account Twitter share certain patterns such as: put the logo Amazon as the background, fill the box biography similar statements, using the word FC Ambassador next to the account name, followed by being a cardboard box.

He had brought one Twitter user highlighted the accounts by claiming that Amazon used a bot program, but a representative of Amazon was announced to Business Insider that the accounts back ambassadors for a company which includes their programme of FC Ambassador.

He continued that these ambassadors are real people who pay them money to spread a positive message about, where have the “experience good working conditions in the warehouse meet the demands” of being “employed in warehouses long enough to see the facts based on their personal experience,” as Amazon’s offering a tour of the warehouse in order to transfer the positive images.

Come drive Amazon this after Press reports highlighted the poor working conditions with warehouses Amazon, so much so that the staff more than the warehouse may be forced to “pee in a bottle or in the wastebasket” to avoid abandonment requests.

Source: Business Insider

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