Amazon now owns 50 cargo aircraft in its fleet


Aircraft Amazon drone has not yet started to deliver products to customers only that the fleet of cargo planes was saying this two years ago. The company Amazon is launching Amazon Prime in 2016 with 40 cargo plane in the fleet. The fleet can Amazon of shipping products within two days in the United States of America almost the entire. Having said that, the company Amazon is now expanding the fleet by adding 10 planes new shipping type Boeing 767-300.

The company Amazon is launching Amazon Prime in the year 2016 to support the operations of the parcel delivery note that Amazon is one of the biggest online stores in the world and an incredible number of products on a daily basis. Depends Amazon on a range of advanced algorithms and software to improve the capacity and the way up to be able to company shipped hundreds of thousands of products per day.

Moreover, the company Amazon also change the brand ” Prime Air ” ” Amazon Air “. Now have up to 50 cargo plane in the fleet which shall apply from 20 different portals for airports. According to Amazon, they are saying that ” this makes shipping products within two days possible in any place in the United States of America “.

And Amazon it will open Terminal Regional Airport Fort Worth Alliance Airport in the year 2019, while the will open the the air ” Air Hub ” at the airport in Cincinnati State Northern Kentucky in the year 2021.

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