Amazon may open six stores ” Amazon Go the ” extra this year

Amazon Go

Earlier this year, Amazon opened its first shop Amazon Go. However, it seems that this is just the beginning because it was released today a new report from the site Recode citing a source in the company Amazon that Amazon thinking Maybe in the opening of six stores and Amazon Go further this year in Los Angeles.

To change, the company Amazon announced the concept of grocery stores smart Amazon Go for more than a year, and the opening of the first store based on Amazon Go in city Seattle of America in the month of January last. And for those who have not heard about this project before, it’s basically a project that aims to make fundamental changes to the experience of buying groceries through a chain of stores you will get the brand Amazon Go.

Stores and Amazon Go will be able the shoppers to get things they want, and without the stand first when the two conflicts of the performance. Will automatically be debited for the items taken by the customer from the Amazon account. It should be noted that stores and Amazon Go depends on the sensor seeing the computer keep an eye on things that take her customer from the store.

Start your shopping experience by performing a survey of the development on the phone as soon as the client come in to shop Amazon Go. The sensors at the door were able to identify the goods in a cart of the customer once they leave the store, and automatically be deduct the purchase price from the Amazon account of their own once out their smart phones from the door.

Overall, these are still just rumors that Amazon refused to comment on this report, and therefore there is no certainty that the company Amazon is already planning to expand the chain stores and Amazon Go offline.


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