Amazon launches white-label cloud services to manage systems and applications in the block Qi

أمازون تطلق خدمات سحابية جديدة لإدارة أنظمة وتطبيقات بلوك تشين

Wasn’t Amazon want to enter the field of technology to block Chi (series of boxes) which have proliferated in recent years, according to her statement to police in the past year, but as everything changes overnight, I have decided to Amazon and enter this area via the two services cloud two management techniques block Qi.

The company announced in conference, AWS announced the launch of Quantum Ledger Database (QLDB) is a tool to help manage the books of accounts reliably coded using the technique of block Qi, and the tool speed great trust and high transparency in the management of books of accounts due to a technical building, next to the possibility of the government it is easy.

On the other hand, the company announced the tool Amazon Managed Blockchain to manage applications and other services set out on the technical, Where will start the tool management system my item (Ethereum) order Fabrica (Hyperledger Fabric).

It will be shared in the service of the Amazon Cloud able to take advantage of that feature by selecting the environment of your work to one of the two regimes and then build applications using the next to select the network of the users of these applications across the organization.

Recall that the support system Hyperledger Fabric will start directly on the new tool, will support Ethereum later in the coming months.

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