Amazon launches tool AWS Forecast to facilitate early prediction of the chronology of the

أمازون تطلق أداة AWS Forecast لتسهيل التنبؤ المبني على التسلسل الزمني

The company launched the Amazon through her arm competent cloud services and computerized Amazon Web Services (AWS) tool Amazon Forecast that will make the process of Tabu and building on the data records to the serial interface time-easier on the developers, where the learning processes automated key enabler in the construction of those expectations which definitely depends access need the skills of a dedicated and accurate, to Amazon Day with Amazon Forecast of the door products that you can count on us to make a stop in a manner easy and practical.

And the idea of the tool on the same technology used by Amazon to predict the amount of demand for its products in its own site to sell retail through the study of previous records data of the supply and demand from customers, the client will interested to benefit from the prediction provided by the tool Amazon new attention of the company on both the data and the required data that may have an impact on the course of future expectations.

The director said AWS CEO Andy Justin it three clicks only the client can give us the information on the expansion, and added that the tool give predictions accurately higher by 50% than the traditional tools used by the clients themselves with one tenth of the cost offered by the software traditional support.

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