Amazon launches the copy in red of the second part of the Amazon eco

The company introduced the Amazon version in red for the second generation of Amazon Echo in the midst of its support wire supporting organizations for humanitarian work, which is marked in red in order to fight the disease immune deficiency viral (HIV / AIDS), the company last year launched a version similar to the allocation amount of$ 10 from each piece sold to benefit the fight the disease.

Will eco new with the same specifications as enjoyed in the original version, but will color the outer of which are marked in red, for Amazon, for Apple at contributing to the humanitarian aspects of the door of the House of red where the Apple launched the customized version in red of the iPhone 7 and iOS 8 alongside a number of accessories red throughout the previous years.

Is available to Amazon Echo for pre-order since yesterday at a price of$ 99.99 and will be in market in December, will be reduced during the period of Black Friday as it’s called Bringing the price of 69$, which would justify the company’s $ 10$ need for the fight against AIDS.

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