Amazon launches technology artificial intelligence Textract in the service of the company on the internet

Announced Amazon technology artificial intelligence Textract that offer men in the service of the company on the internet, which supports to read the millions of pages in just a few hours.

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Come technology artificial intelligence the new Amazon Textract that are trying to feature Optical Character Recognition, which works on the perception of various documents and coordination of these documents with a view to processed optimally.

It can be for this technique to support users in recognizing and identify the different documents of the receipts or paperwork tax for example, or forms where it is the data format that does not need human input, as this technique can realize millions of pages in a few hours with the aim of reducing time spent on data processing.

Confirm the Amazon A to technology Textract new can grasp data, Social Security numbers, or names, enabling the transfer of this data from PDF files to spreadsheets.

It is planned that the technology is available Textract in the company’s services on the internet in some US states, such as Ohio, Northern Virginia, or, as applies in Ireland also at present, that technique in other locations around the world over the next year.


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