Amazon launches official page for V15 Pro possible camera pop-up 32 mega pixel camera

The company launched the Amazon official page for V15 Pro who knows for sale officially on the website on the 20th of February, which is the first version of the camera pop-up characteristic accurately 32 mega pixel camera.


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Begins Amazon launching a phone Vivo V15 Pro for sale officially on the 20th of February, where users can now register to push notifications when the phone officially on the site.

Comes phone Vivo V15 Pro as the first smartphone possible sensor accurately 32 mega pixel camera in the design of the camera pop-up selfie, which I use in manufactured equipment used in my phone NEX, and APEX.

Also expected to features the phone camera background three distinctive sensor 48 mega pixel camera, with support for quality photography 12 mega pixels with the highest efficiency, it also comes this version sensor fingerprint built-in screen, on that phone Vivo V15 Pro is priced at $ 420 for the markets.


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