Amazon launches AWS Ground Station to help satellite operators

أمازون تطلق AWS Ground Station لمساعدة مشغلي الأقمار الصناعية

Started Amazon its own cloud services, to the imposition of its Amazon Web Services announced the launch of AWS Service Ground Station for the first time, a service company strives to provide benefits to operators and owners of the satellites and the independence of their data processed and sent to and from satellites.

And service is the first of its kind as the ground can be managed as a service cloud of the participants in a manner that is easy within the cloud services offered by the company.

Designed Amazon help participants on the reception and management of data processed from the satellite and then the possibility of being sent again to those satellites orbiting the Earth, where that process is considered expensive for operators and sometimes exceed the value of the satellite launch to low or medium, but with Amazon’s Service Cloud and ground stations general the cost will be much less.

Will be able to the owners of the satellites with ease subscribe to AWS Ground Station instead of signing long-term contracts with terrestrial stations, or even building a ground station at considerable cost, as is general with the services the company cloud computing can subscribe on the basis of need.

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