Amazon launch devices “Kindle” was officially launched in Egypt through the market.Com

أمازون تُطلق أجهزة "كيندل" رسميا في مصر من خلال سوق.كوم

Announced the “Amazon” of the day and the location of the market dot com for availability of Latest its devices for reading electronic books with E Ink, “Kennedy Oasis – Kindle Oasis” and”Kinda”, and in Egypt by Market location.Com.

Library of the “Amazon” of e-books available for “Kindle” currently has more than 9.4 million products including 12 thousand books in Arabic selected from the authors the likes of Naguib Mahfouz and Nizar Kabbani, classical works such as the book “The Thousand and One Nights” and the book “Panchatantra”, in addition to the many foreign books translated into Arabic. Can be found on the list to complete the work of Arab available via the App Store through the following link.

“Kennedy oasis”-with a screen measuring 7 inches and accurately to 300 pixels per inch, the design is resistant to water

Features a “Kennedy oasis” of the bigger screen and more accurate, along with its lightweight design with a thickness of less, which ensures a comfortable reading experience for long hours. As the device being the first “kinda” screen water resistant than the standard “IPX8” means the possibility of reading in any place, as you can change pages via the buttons allocated to it and the screen rotate the page orientation automatically when the user switch his hands. Enjoy the “Kennedy Oasis” battery lasts for weeks of Reading, coupled with the fast charging feature which allows charging the battery fully discharged in less than two hours. Expect “Kennedy Oasis” options with a capacity of 8 giga bytes starting from today, priced at 4,899 EGP. A capacity of 32 GB at a price of 5,399 EGP.

“Kinda”e-reader light low-cost

Weighs device “Kindle” 161 grams, which is small and lightweight, allowing users to take their library wherever they go. Features device the “Kindle” screen display measuring 6-inch the From today at a price of 1,499 pounds.

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