Amazon join the board of the alliance of Zigbee to expand its control on the Internet of things

أمازون تنضم لمجلس إدارة تحالف Zigbee لتوسيع سيطرتها على إنترنت الأشياء

It’s no secret the volume of discharge, which has reached Amazon Technologies in the Internet of things and the smart home, and of course features all of its organs and its ability to connect wirelessly as a sign of this development, especially over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, but at the same time didn’t leave the technology of the internet protocol Zigbee also.

The protocol that performs the same purposes, free Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, but in a different way, is considered very important for a company such as Amazon to develop devices of the Internet of things; however, the company decided to enter to achieve the Zigbee some in the Governing Council after nearly a year of development the first device eco works this protocol.

Features the alliance of Zigbee dozens of large companies around the world, the council also includes directors of companies such as com cast, Samsung and Huawei, which makes joining her is a big step for Amazon as well as companies and other technical.

Recall that the technique of Zigbee for its ability to transfer data at a low rate between 50 kilobits per second to 250 kilobits, and is well positioned on the protection.

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