Amazon is preparing to launch a news service supported by advertising News in the coming weeks

أمازون تستعد لإطلاق خدمة الأخبار المدعمة بالإعلانات News في الأسابيع القادمة

Obviously, Service IMDb Freedive already and Amazon have come to fruition, where the company is currently ask a new service supported by ads under the name of News allows users to follow changes News from several news sources reputable.

Where will be the strengthening of the Amazon service News by several websites and news agencies such as Bloomberg, CBS, Reuters, and content will include live streaming and video-on-demand.

He said Amazon to her service dedicated for Fire TV will also be smart TVs, with a plan to start the launch of the service gradually over the next few weeks.

The spectre of the application of News is available for Amazon’s tablet including the version that revealed to him about the beginning of October at the gallery “Fire H10”, the

Also interested in taking advantage of the app they don’t need to create a new account to see the full content, which is available in the News, they will have the ability to personalize the news content according to the interest and attention of the content that they wish to follow.

In addition to the agencies and news sites that we have mentioned the top of the news; the number of magazines and newspapers will take their place in the service such as the American People وCheddar, Sports Illustrated, Yahoo and more.

And Amazon by offering these free services to consolidate its financial amount on advertising in spite of its presence in the market of paid services like Prime and AWS, where it has now become the third largest digital advertisers in the United States of America after the giant Google and Facebook.



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