Amazon is planning to launch the feature of Free Shipping during the day to watch my prime

More beautiful to watch my prime in Amazon, where the giant e-commerce on the launch of feature free shipping within one day so as an option to default to watch my prime instead of shipping in two days.

Even I don’t happen to have the confusion, what you’re working on Amazon different from the property of the shipping board during the same day or within one day which requires you to be your purchases not less than $ 35.

Invested Amazon a lot of money and time over the past months to develop transport solutions where they cooperate with the U.S. to launch a new feature, and paved, so support for more U.S. cities to drink during the day. And through cooperation with the U.S. and its partners will be to make a choice free shipping within one day as the primary option for all users of Prime.

Will Amazon more details about the new feature over the coming months, began to develop in the United States and Canada, but later will cover all parts of the world.

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