Amazon is planning to cancel the market.Stack and integrate it with her store

Amazon is looking for opportunities for growth outside of the United States of America, it seems that the Middle East market is promising for him, where she had taken on the largest e-store in a market.Pile worth of $ 580 million in 2017.

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Now Amazon is going to cancel the market store.Stack and integrate it with the stores in their original, so that the report quoted by the top sellers at Amazon, the company confirmed them a chance to come to reach consumers in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

With the launch of the platform the Amazon of the Middle East in the coming months, the company underestimated the company “market.Pile”, and sellers do not add products which they plan to display all the products in the store its original.

Reports indicate that the company will launch a range of private Arab states such as Emirates it works already and the users to the Amazons of America, in addition to the scope of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia which doesn’t work even now.

The move comes at the same time seeking Amazon to expand e-commerce business that rely on America for 69% of the revenue, and the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, the majority of its international sales, while failed to develop its business significantly in India and China due to local laws and the competition is huge.

Source: cnbc

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