Amazon is moving to create a network of fleets and independent recording

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Have Amazon more than 100 levels, and has a fleet of trucks, and even its own aircraft, and the wishes of the company in the judgment of the commercial world, has announced its aspiration to create a network of fleets of delivery independent, and welcomes entrepreneurs to start their own projects in support of this goal, the declaration represents significant movement in the field of logistics, so that helps a giant e-commerce in the province of players well versed in this field like Fedex and UPS.

The company explained that its new programme is designed to help people start their own associated with to deliver parcels Amazon, and they are geared to offer incentives to entice entrepreneurs to create their own works to deliver small packages as part of the latest efforts by the company to resolve the challenge in the delivery of goods to customers.

Revealed by Amazon at a press event in Seattle unveiled one of the delivery trucks affiliate program Prime with a dark gray color that you want to provide for the registration according to the company, she said she will continue your formal attire by those companies, with its help in feeding plans and insurance programs for operators of fleets, in addition to providing lessons about taxes, payroll and other challenges of small business.

And Amazon, the pioneers qualified business may start business registration services that deal with package Amazon through the investment of 10 thousand dollars minimum, said Dave Clark, Dave Clark, Vice President of Amazon operations all over the world: “can the fleet of 40 cars to earn up to 300 thousand dollars a year of profits”, and added that it is anticipated that the operators who hold between 20 and 40 trucks to employ 100 driver.

The company claimed, which is taken from the Seattle-based, they are responsible for nearly 44 percent of sales made online in the United States during the past year, having gained a chain store Whole Foods, they have entered new areas, and the establishment of an integrated system of products and platforms to connect users and make them return to, this seems to be the growing demand is exactly the reason why police now want to build the logistics network of its own to deliver products.

According to the company, those persons in the United States they will not be employees or even independent contractors have, but they will get access to the cars that bear the mark of Amazon, and uniforms, and this program is a potential solution to the problem Amazon’s growing relating to their dealings with the growing number of parcels to customers all over the country how to deliver packages quickly from the stations Parcel sorting various to suitable persons.

And reviewed signs the company’s business with the postal service of America for more scrutiny in recent months, the President explained Donald Trump via Twitter that the agreement Amazon with the postal service on select Amazon a certain amount you pay the Agency cost taxpayers billions of dollars, and Trump has suddenly issued in mid-April, an executive order required assessment of the financial affairs of the postal service.

Although the demand did not mention Amazon specifically, but it was clear that the President wants to prove claims that the financial agreement between the postal service and Amazon’s money-losing, raise the executives at Amazon that there is any link between the new registry and President Donald Trump on the partnership agreement with the post office.

Explained Dave Clark to his task, stooping in understanding the needs of Amazon in the coming years, and the programme of the new registration designed to meet the requirements of growth and in the future, and added that Amazon will continue to use all of its partners, including the mail service to provide packages for their customers.

The giant E-Commerce has conducted testing for a number of programs that can replace their dependence on their partners in the shopping or reduce their dependence on them, as the company plans this year to test a new service where workers say the delivery of the transport of the products of companies that sell goods through Amazon and deliver such goods to its warehouses, with reference to the leadership of companies like UPS and FedEx and other companies to perform this task at the current time.

Is considered a new program separate from the program, Amazon Flex, who started the company by almost three years and through his individual amounts ranging from 18 to 25 dollars per hour to deliver packages through their own cars, which is the last stage of the process of delivery of parcels as the biggest challenges faced by the retail industry, customers are expected to get anything they request it online through the delivery process convenient and fast, Clarke said that the programme Amazon Flex will continue, but it only solves part of the problem.

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