Amazon is in the process of minimizing the manpower based on the machines in the packaging of palletised goods

أمازون في صدد التقليل من الأيدي العاملة بالإعتماد على الآلات في تغليف طرود البضائع

Think Amazon of the fastest companies that follow the methods of automation so as to seek little by little to develop this concept in all its facilities operational and warehouses in its full, has developed a time period of about 10 years to come for this; the time where the actual work is automated partial backed him up with a new plan for the adoption of the machines in the line wrapping parcels for customers in dozens of its warehouses distributed throughout the United States, according to Reuters.

Where they are supposed to be supporting each center of the pair of machines which leads to exploitation of 24 Posts in each of them knowing that the company will launch these machines in 55 of the center, which means that the number of jobs the county and manpower that will be abandoned will be an end to 1300 jobs.

The company believes the adoption of packaging machines, cartoon CartonWarp of the company CMC competent in packaging solutions automated, so that the use of coated carbon is appropriate for the product according to its size with the addition of private label to the item as well as the catalogue in the same process, knowing that at the time of packaging will be 4 times faster than human labor in a productive capacity ranging from 600 -700 envelopes per hour.

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