Amazon is facing pressure to stop selling facial recognition technology to the government

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Facing Amazon opposition from shareholders because of the sale of its facial recognition technology Amazon Rekognition to law enforcement agencies, where the American Civil Liberties Union ACLU petition and the message pressure of 17 investor shareholders in the company demanding CEO Jeff bezos skip Amazon on the sale of facial-recognition technology to government entities and stay away from acts of surveillance, while the two sides have different motives to some extent, they share one thing in common a concern for privacy.

And both groups are concerned that Amazon gives governments more power to monitor can be easily used to violate civil rights, especially for minorities and immigrants, where law enforcement agencies and governments use this technique for example to track and intimidate the demonstrators, as for the shareholders, there is concern that this technology may pose significant risks for Amazon, which hurt may hurt the company by highlighting a negative impact on its business.

The letter stated: “the shareholders of Amazon are concerned that the technology infrastructure for the control of government may not pose a threat to privacy on the customers and other stakeholders in all parts of the country, but may also raise significant risks for our company, which negatively affects the assessment of the shares of the company and increase the financial risk to shareholders, and encourages shareholders concerned that the potential bias in technology may help in targeting unfair to both people of color and immigrants”.

As match of the petition submitted by a coalition of civil liberties groups, including the American Civil Liberties Union, that says Amazon “turn off infrastructure control of government which pose a serious threat to customers and communities throughout the country”, with reference to the concern of the possibility of expanding sales to foreign governments, including authoritarian regimes.

This is the second attempt of the American Civil Liberties Union to put pressure on Amazon in the wake of a report published by the New York Times in May 2018 on the use of this technology by law enforcement agencies, organizations focus on Civil Liberties in particular on the technology of Amazon because of their low cost and use them through cameras and wearable.

Has made Amazon itself sometimes as an ally for consumers, says Adam Schwartz Adam Schwartz, a senior Counsel at the foundation, Electronic Frontier Foundation, for instance has refused to the company at the end of 2016 delivery of data from one of the devices of the Echo in relation to the murder case, although she returned in her decision after the consent of the accused.

The company refused to deal with such new campaigns, was a response the previous concerns, where a spokesman said the company in the month of May: “the quality of life will be much worse today if we denied new technology because some people can misuse them, specialist two scenarios forbidden society computers”.

Promoted Amazon public how the police used facial recognition technology to identify people interested in breach of the law, explained one analyst, systems in County Oregon, via the Amazon website e-how has been the supply of technical Rekognition database includes 300 thousand the image of the arrested persons in order to match the faces that appear in surveillance footage, where the reaction was fast, especially members of the minority in Congress.

Considers facial recognition technology as a tool people used often to non-white persons, which is alarming for a number of reasons and this technology is scary, with a citation study of the Massachusetts Institute of technology found vary enormously among races in the accuracy of facial recognition technology.

It should be noted that Amazon is not the only company that sells voice recognition software to law enforcement agencies, where company Motorola Solutions Motorola Solutions for example in collaboration with Neurala to develop technology to recognize objects in the real-time cameras of the flesh, and Microsoft at the same time facial recognition technology to customers cross-platform cloud storage.

Amazon is facing pressure to stop selling facial recognition technology to the government

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