Amazon is developing the chip for the intelligent AI in order to improve the capacity of Alexa on organs

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There are a lot of things that can aid digital like Alexa to do these days even if it doesn’t say processing data on the device itself. In the absence of chip artificial intelligence etc, it is processing data in the cloud, and while the treatment process is quick, they are not the same processing speed that can be obtained if the chip artificial intelligence built into the device. Having said that, has recently released a new report indicates that Amazon is currently working on developing a chip of its own Intelligence artificial for smart speakers Amazon Echo to speed up the times in response to the digital assistant Alexa.

Citing a person familiar with the plans Amazon, says website The Information that Amazon is working on chip development Intelligence artificial which will be used in devices such as smart speakers Amazon Echo. It should be noted that the chip of artificial intelligence. this will allow the devices to processing more data locally rather than having to send data to the cloud. This actually accelerates the time of response and enable the digital assistant also providing more advanced information.

Amazon is certainly not the only company working on this idea. Apple and Google working on its turn, the chip has artificial intelligence. Suggested the previous reports also said that Samsung is working on its turn, the development of chip artificial intelligence in order to identify the capabilities of the digital assistant Bixby on its smart phones leading.

Now it remains to see How will Amazon able to embed the chip artificial intelligence, these smart speakers Amazon Echo the future. As you can expect, but Amazon has not yet commented on this report.



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