Amazon is developing a service to broadcast video games cloud

A new report reveals that the giant e-commerce Amazon is working on the development of the service broadcast video games via the cloud allows users to play without having to download them on their devices or even buy them and run from platform to play.

Perhaps one of the most prominent companies affected by the entry of this competitor not only to Sony, which has a service Now with the same principle and on the involvement of each year $ 99.99 allows you to play more than 700 game, but other companies such as Google and Microsoft invite all interested and already similar services.

Of course the Amazon on the throne of the companies provided cloud services such as cloud computing and cloud storage, thus adapting their technology as soon as video games is possible and worth the trade. The rights of Amazon to Microsoft parking in this area in terms of infrastructure that can broadcast video games online so that they run in the cloud.

Here you will not need for your robust specifications to meet it as much as you need to call fast internet connection because the actual operation is done on the cloud processing of game graphics and broadcast to your phone or your computer.

If Amazon launched its service for video games cloud it is natural to provide first to over 100 million joint services Prime payments. It is worth mentioning that Amazon has several products from the Fire to broadcast content from the internet to the TV as well as hand control and its support in video games serve to point a new competition to other competitors in the market currently.

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