Amazon is developing a device capable of wear with respect to your feelings through your voice

Reported by a report published by Bloomberg News that the company Amazon is currently working on the development of wearable device activates the voice, and its ability to recognize human emotions.

Provides the device – which is worn around the wrist – in internal documents seen by Bloomberg that the middle of Health and wellness, which is the result of a collaboration between the Lab126 – development kit gear developed phone “Fire” Fire, Blaster, Smart Sound “Echo” Echo – team to develop digital assistant “Alexa” Alexa.

It contains the source device to work, with the application on smart phones, on microphones combined with software able to recognize the emotional state of the wearer, by his voice, according to revealed documents, the Bloomberg quoted a source familiar with the program. Ultimately, this technique can provide advice to users about how to deal with others more effectively.

The agency noted that it is not clear to what extent it will continue this project, or if it will turn into a commercial product, especially that I knew about Amazon’s work on a number of projects, which does not move some to a commercial product. But according to documents, the work on the project continues, he has Bloomberg, citing a source, that Amazon is working to implement a pilot program.

It is indicated that the idea of building machines able to understand human problems from the most important elements of the novels and films of science fiction. But in the midst of progress in the areas of machine learning, image recognition and, the idea on its way to transformation.

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Companies operate, such as: Microsoft, Google, IBM, along with many other companies, on the development of techniques designed for emotional situations for users of images, and audio data, and other inputs.

The Amazon has gotten in the last year patented a system that can Audio Plugin from analysis of patterns of sounds; to determine what is felt by the user, such as: joy, or anger, or regret, or sadness, or fear, or disgust, or boredom, or stress. Include the patent to that Amazon may benefit from the knowledge of the participation of users in the recommendation of products, or customize the responses in another way.

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