Amazon invested in the company upgraded the technology of self-driving forklifts


Enjoy your Amazon a lot of massive warehouses, it primarily is responsible for shipping millions of products annually, and therefore you’ll want to develop a system of storage and its own cost-sharing and to get more efficiency and speed while completing the tasks. As a result, it is not surprising to hear now that the company invests in companies developing technology autonomous driving-source of forklifts. It was reported that Amazon has purchased about three in the company of robots storage French Balyo.

Automate the process of storage is not a new goal for buy Amazon. The company is already using robots in their warehouses to reduce costs and accelerate the registration process. The robots used by the company currently are made by Kiva Systems, has taken possession of this company in the year 2012 compared to 775 million USD.

Said CEO of Balyo, Mr. Fabien Bardinet that this deal with Amazon to provide the company ” an unprecedented opportunity ” to develop its business. Provides agreement terms of up to seven years to buy Amazon collateral free account for up to 29 percent of the company’s capital. They can choose to use those guarantees depending on their requests for the products of Balyo.

Can benefit from a percentage of 29 percent in full if requested up to $ 300 million of products self-driving technology-enhanced Balyo. You say the French company developed a filtration system can be converted forklifts to a vehicles self-driving.

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