Amazon has thousands of staff who listen to what you say to her assistant digital Alexa


The concept of smart speakers good, but there are in fact some legitimate concerns that some have, such as whether companies use to you and whether the registration of what it says for your device. If you are one of these people who have such concerns, you may want to rethink whether it is better to keep the speakerphone smartphone in your home or not.

This is because, according to a report released today from the news agency poor, it seems that the company has Amazon working group composed of the thousands of staff who listen to what you ask of the digital assistant Alexa of which you can find in all smart speakers, Amazon Echo. Now before you feel severe anxiety, it appears that Amazon do to improve the floor in an attempt to improve Alexa, rather than spying on customers to sell their personal information.

Confirmed by Amazon that this is true in the statement, the official said : ” We use only a very small sample of audio recordings to Alexa in order to improve the customer experience “. Adds the company : ” we have to ensure the technical and operational strict, and we have a policy of zero tolerance for abuse of our system. No staff have direct access to information that can identify the identity of the person or account as part of the workflow “.

The report also highlights how this can be most often work fairly normal because most of the exercises very boring. There have been some cases where the hearing parts of the conversations annoying, but it is clear that Amazon has policies in place to help staff deal with sound clips sad.

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