Amazon has introduced an ultra-lightweight browser for Android

The development team Amazon has introduced a proprietary web browser for Android with a simple and at the same time the speaker called the Internet. It differs extraordinary “lightness”, in the installed state occupying only 2 MB and is intended for entry-level devices.

Despite its lightness, the Internet is practically not inferior counterparts, offering the user a basic set of functions. Browser perfectly fulfills several tabs open at the same time, limiting their quantity only by the amount of RAM used smartphone.

I liked that card running tabs do not overlap each other, giving the standard built-in carousel scrolling. View all open web pages in the format of a Filmstrip, when the thumbnail displayed completely replace each other when you scroll.

For those wishing to preserve the history of their visits available to the “incognito” mode which can be activated in the section with open tabs, swipe to the left. And on the main page there is a constantly updating list of trending news, compiled by analogy with Google Chrome.

Important: the browser may not be available to persons residing outside India. To discuss this and other news Android in our Telegram chat.

App: Internet: fast, lite and private

Developer: Amazon Mobile LLC
Category: Communication
Price: Free
Download: Google Play

Application already interested in: 64 human

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