Amazon has introduced a variety of new smart devices

13 – so many new devices introduced on Amazon event Amazon Event Devices. Among the new products – smart speakers, sockets, subwoofers, and even microwave ovens.

Dot Echo and Echo Plus

Updated column Dot Echo and Echo Plus is made in a new design – now their body is covered with cloth, to better match the decor of your living room. The smaller model is equipped with 1.6″ loudspeaker, which should make louder and cleaner sounding. Echo Plus also boasts improved acoustics, but in addition, it is equipped with a temperature sensor, which could be the trigger for various commands the Alexa Routines. One of the interesting features I note the possibility of local control smart devices in the home – if you suddenly lost the Internet, you will still be able to tell the microwave to heat food.

Prices: Echo Dot – $49.99, Echo Plus – $149.99.

AmazonBasics Microwave

By the way, about microwaves. Amazon under the brand Samsung has introduced a smart microwave. It connects via Bluetooth to other devices Echo and can perform various voice commands. While its cost is just $59.99.

Echo Sub

But let us continue about the music. If you don’t have the depth and volume of the sound column Dot Echo and Echo Plus, you can buy them in kit subwoofer Sub Echo. The stated capacity is 100 watts.

Price – $129.99.

Echo Input

Well, if you do not have enough musical potential speakers and subwoofers Echo and you want to continue to enjoy their audio system, but so that she supported a virtual assistant Alexa, the Echo device Input for you. The device is equipped with microphones for voice commands. It connects to your speaker system and turns it into a smart system.

Price – $34.99.

Echo Auto

Forgot to Amazon and motorists. Portable device Echo Auto adds smart features to your car. It connects to the aux output of the multimedia system. With built-in microphones, the driver can set voice commands for navigation or to control music playback.

Price – $49.99.

Echo Show

Looks like the smart displays have become a new trend among the devices of the smart home. Recently your options presented by Lenovo and JBL, in a few weeks, your smart display needs to announce Google, but Amazon revealed the second generation of the Echo Show. The device is equipped with 10″ display, speakers and eight microphones. In addition, there is the webcam to communicate via Skype and a browser to search for information on the Internet.

Price – $229.99.

Echo Wall Clock

Smartest analog watch. Now there is. Echo Wall Clock devices connect to the Echo via Bluetooth. Well, the user in turn can use Alexa to change the time, set timers and alarms.

Price – $29.99.

Amazon Smart Plug

Smart socket from Amazon also communicates via Bluetooth with the speaker Echo, and then the user can control them using voice commands.

Price – $24.99.

Alexa Guard

Function Guard Alexa cares about the safety of your home. It integrates the device Echo, smart lighting systems and security systems to protect your house in your absence. When the Guard function is activated, Alexa may send you notifications if suspicious sounds or smells. Alexa Guard is enabled automatically after the phrase “Alexa, I’m leaving”.

Ring Stick Up Cam

Well speaking of security, the user can buy the camera Stick Up Cam. It can be used both indoors and outside. There is a version with a wired connection or battery operated. Claimed the ability to capture 1080p video, night vision mode, motion detection. The housing is protected according to the standard IPX5.

Price – $179.99.

Echo Link Echo Link Amp

Echo Link is designed to connect to a receiver or amplifier. It is equipped with many digital and analog inputs and outputs for maximum compatibility with audio users. To Echo Link no built-in microphones, it will connect with smart speaker Echo to the user to control music playback, change volume and so on. If you have passive speakers, then you fit Echo Link Amp. This unit has 60 watts two channel amplifier.

Prices: Echo Link – $199.99, Echo Link Amp – $299.99.

Fire TV Recast

Recast Fire TV set – top box for a TV that is able to record up to four transmissions from different channels and in real time to broadcast them to other devices.

Price – $229.99 (model with two tuners and 500 GB of built-in storage); $279.99 (version with four tuners and 1 TB of space).

Source: The Verge

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