Amazon go beyond Google to become the second most valuable company in the United States

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Grew market capitalization to buy Amazon significantly over the past two years, which did not make her just one of the largest valuable company on the planet, but also made its founder which is also the company’s CEO, Mr. Jeff Bezos the richest person on the planet. Having said that, it has been said Now that Amazon managed to exceeded company Alphabet, which is the parent company of Google becoming the second most important company in the United States of America.

Think this change is important given that the company Google has been for a very long time in second place after the Apple is now worth more than $ 889 million USD. By the end of the trading session yesterday, the decreased market value to buy a Alphabet to 761 million USD, while increased market value to buy the Amazon to the $ 768 million. While picked up shares of Amazon yesterday, it has dropped the shares of the Alphabet for the second consecutive day.

Also enhanced the height of the roof of the market value of the wealth of Jeff Bezos, and is now reliably richest man on the planet with a fortune of a net is estimated at 130 million USD. Certainly, Amazon is not in the mood to slowdown any time soon, so we can expect that the company continues to move forward to achieve more growth. This will lead investors to increase trust of the estate in the company.

The company became the Alphabet now ranked second in the list of the most valuable company in the United States of America, followed by Microsoft which is valued at 720 million USD.



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