Amazon confirms its intention to bring the digital assistant Alexa for more devices in the year 2018

amazon echo Alexa

Confirmed Amazon this week that it intends to bring the digital assistant Alexa to more devices this year. The company announced about the launch of the pack, Alexa Mobile Accessory Kit own to achieve it. It’s a new way to encourage manufacturers to bring digital assistant Alexa to its various organs, including smart watches, headphones, fitness bands, etc. from other devices. And tell Amazon that the package Alexa Mobile Accessory Kit will allow for manufacturers to add digital assistant Alexa to organs with an investment minimum of money and effort on the gear.

Package Alexa Mobile Accessory Kit eliminates the need for the development teams at the manufacturers to create the bulk of the code to integrate the digital assistant Alexa in their devices. And Bluetooth devices supported by this package such as the wireless headphones will be able to directly call the server’s external Alexa Voice Server through the application of the facilities on Android devices and iOS users. Thus users will be able to access all the great features provided by the digital assistant Alexa.

Amazon will not Release This package until later this year. Manufacturers can interested registration of interest the company has to be notified when they become available. Confirmed Amazon is that many hardware manufacturers have already begun development of devices that use this package, among these companies mention Jabra and Bose and Bowers & Wilkins Add to the iHome and many other companies.



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