Amazon completes the construction of "timeless" watches

What do you think, how many mechanical watches can serve? Couple of hundreds of years? Or maybe a thousand years? The head of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, set out to create an almost timeless mechanical watch. The clock itself is located inside the rock near the Blue Origin cosmodrome, which is in western Texas, and the project is spent 42 million US dollars.

As the authors of the project say, the world's largest mechanical clock should work for at least 10,000 years. This was reported by Jeff Bezos himself through his twitter.

The mine for the installation of a clockwork with a depth of 152 meters was dug a few years ago. A spiral staircase is built around the mine for the construction and maintenance of watches. The "heart" of the watch is a huge pendulum weighing 280 kilograms. In addition, the design of the clock uses 20 huge gears with a diameter of up to 2.5 meters, the most massive of which weighs 450 kilograms. The whole mechanism will be powered by solar energy. According to Jeff himself,

"During the work of these hours, the United States of America will cease to exist. Will fall and there will be new civilizations. New forms of government will be invented. No one can imagine what the world will be like when these watches stop walking. "

It is worth noting that the idea of ​​erecting such a watch does not belong to Jeff Bezos. It was back in 1995, suggested engineer Danny Hillis as an illustration of what you need to think about the future of the planet, and not live for today. After the launch, the clock and internal device will be open for free visits, but there is a slight difficulty. In order to get to the place, you need to complete a nehily quest. As reported on the official website of the project,

"The nearest airport is a few hours away by car, after which visitors will have to walk to climb the 600-meter slope."

The project of Jeff Bezos can be perceived in different ways, but in a fairly strong statement that the watch will last 10,000 years, it is hard to believe. After all, if you judge objectively: how much do you know of real objects, 10,000 years old (fossils do not count)? In addition, these watches are mechanical, and therefore in their design there are gears, which constantly experience frictional force when interacting with each other, which wears out the parts. After all, even the best Swiss watches from time to time require the replacement of some elements. In addition, we must not forget that metal parts are prone to corrosion. Or was Jeff able to create metal that does not oxidize over time?

The editorial board of expresses doubt about the durability of this device (unlike colleagues with ). Everything that is happening is more like a PR campaign of Bezos himself, known for his extraordinary actions. In the end, even the Egyptian pyramids are not even five thousand years old. And if time is afraid of the pyramids, will it become afraid of mechanical watches?

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