Amazon basicsby opened a second store in downtown Seattle

As reported earlier, Amazon continues to develop the network of Amazon stores Bekasova Go. A second restaurant opened in downtown Seattle.

Unlike the first Go Amazon, the second shop can not boast a large area, and the availability of food and the division of liquor. It is designed for office workers and offers various options of prepared food (pastries, snacks, salads, ready-made kits food “Meal Kits”, etc.).

Opening hours of the new store is limited: it is open from Monday to Friday from 7 am to 7 PM. If you happen to be in Seattle and want to visit the Amazon Go, it is located at the intersection of Marion street and 5th Avenue in Downtown.

Let me remind you, first Go Amazon opened in December 2016. Before entering the store you have to open the app and scan the code on the turnstile. Inside sensors and cameras watching your every move, recording the moves and adding to the shopping list all that you take. Then you just exit the store and your account is debited the money. Amazon plans to open such stores in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Chicago.

Source: The Verge

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