Amazon adds support of Arabic books on Kindle devices

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Announced e-commerce company Amazon it supports now the Arabic books on e-reading devices own named Kindle Kindle, along with the support of Arabic books within the Kindle app for mobile phones, this comes as Arabic language is one of the five largest languages in the world by number of native speakers, despite of the late arrival of the Arabic language to kindle devices, but is now supported along with the Languages English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, and a number of languages and dialects other.

And become able readers and clients kinda around the world can now enjoy a growing range includes more than 12 thousand Kindle book in Arabic on the Kindle app free for iPhone, Android, computers, iPads, computers, Fire tablet and the Kindle, and authors can now publish Kindle books in Arabic with the Kindle Direct Publishing affiliate of the company, which was open to the authors for six years, has now become available to the authors of the Arab.

The programme offers Kindle Direct Publishing authors the possibility to download books to their e-easily access to millions of readers around the world, according to Amazon, there are more than 12 thousand books in Arabic within the Kindle store, including books that were written originally in Arabic and English, and books translated into Arabic, where readers find the group number of famous books in Arabic within the Kindle store including books from the authors leading such as Naguib mahfouz and nizar qabbani, in addition to the best-selling books such as black, cast your freedom of speech of the second winner of the award for the Arab novel to 2018.

It also includes the store’s classic books such as introduction to Ibn khaldun and Al mutanabbi Knights were in addition to the best-selling books translated from English such as how to win friends and influence people the story of two cities and Harry Potter and the philosopher, the customers may shop for Kindle books in Arabic on the website of Amazon world andthe British andthe German.

David said survivor David Naggar, Vice President of Kennedy: “we are excited to make books in Arabic available to hundreds of millions of Arabic speakers around the world,” he added, “this is another step in our ongoing work to provide more options and choice for women”.

Provided Amazon readers of the Arabic language the same features that the Kindle the customers in all over the world, as can using Kindle devices and the Kindle mobile get models and samples of books before buying, and to easily search for words in the dictionary, and customize your reading experience by adjusting text size settings, margins, background color, besides the possibility to search for text within the book, highlight your favorite quotes within the book.

Said bassam chabar Bassam Chebaro, CEO, Dharma Arab world publishers: “we are delighted to offer the best choices of books in Arabic for clients kinda around the world,” he added, “we’ve already seen significant interest from the best authors and writers have to publish their books Arabic for Kindle”.

The ahlam mosteghanemi Ahlam Mosteghanemi, author of the bestseller: “finally, will my business to the Arab readers all over the world, I’m thrilled that Amazon has provided this service and break distances between the Book of the Arab was”.

Considers Western technology companies sometimes slow when talking about the expansion of their services into new languages, because although the assistant Amazon digital named Alexa, has become more plural in terms of language, but it’s not the mm, after Arabic, and while companies such as Amazon, Apple, Microsoft and Google are trying to promote the availability of digital assistants and smart speakers within the consumer’s life, it’s only a matter of time before named Alexa and the rest of the aid of the Arabic language.

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