Amazon achieved a record profit during the first fiscal quarter of 2019

أمازون تحقق أرباحًا قياسية خلال الربع المالي الأول من 2019

We can with you to cover the profits and revenues of the company technical big which still announces its financial results for the period beginning January and ending in March, this time with Amazon, which announced its results for the first quarter of its fiscal year investigator of record earnings despite slow growth.

And the company was able to achieve a sales increase of 17% to 59.7 billion, compared with$ 51 per million achieved in the same period last year. It also managed to achieve operating income of $ 4.4 million compared with just$ 1.9 million from the same period last year.

But on the flip side, has got the net income to 3.6 billion during the first fiscal quarter of 2019, compared with 1.6 billion with the same period the year 2018, which represents more than twice the value.

It is worth noting that this past quarter has contributed to raising the value of the operating cash have Amazon to 34.4 million by increasing the offer 89% during the previous twelve months.

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