Altcoins and there is a solution for scaling Bitcoin. Statement Of Roger Faith

The founder of Bitcoin Cash and CEO Roger Ver has long had the reputation of one of the chief critics of the Lightning Network. A supporter of the controversial hard forks of Bitcoin have once again attacked the decision of the second level, which seems to solve the scalability problem of Bitcoin.

As stated by Roger Ver, in fact the solution to scale BTC was altcoins.

Many in the community were perplexed by the statement, while others suggested that under “altline” he meant his own project Bitcoin Cash. Recall, this is not the first time Ver making controversial statements via social networks. Not so long ago he had claimed Bitcoin Cash may be far better to reproduce any feature of Bitcoin Core.

Together with the head of research and development at BCH Gabriel Chardonay representatives of the team saidthat Lightning Network terribly inconvenient user experience and the project is able to provide the best solution to the second level.

While the success of the experiment with the Lightning-torch has strengthened the support and solidarity of the community of Bitcoin in relation to new technologies.

Many iconic personalities also took part in this experiment. Among them we can mention Canina Zhao from Binance, co-founder of Coinapult Erik Vorhis and CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey. The first traditional financial institution, which took over the baton at the Lightning Network, became Fidelity Digital Assets. Cryptostegia since the launch overcame 40 countries.

In the end, Roger Ver said that the speed of LN is poor. According to him, the day attracts more users than LN drew in the entire history of its existence.

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