Also sold Google phones Pixel through 2017?!

Think phones Google pixel one of the Best Android phones, and especially it’s coming from the Google developer key and the first for the Android system. He began to launch phones Google pixel 16 months ago, and specifically in October of 2016 as an alternative to the series of Google Nexus.

كم باعت جوجل من هواتف Pixel خلال عام 2017 ؟!

Also sold Google phones Pixel through 2017?!

Doesn’t look like the sales phones Google pixel is very high, despite her fame and headlines and garnered a lot of guidance, as it is by the institution of IDC of market research, Google was able through the year 2017 the sale of 3.9 million units of the first generation and second phones pixels.

These numbers don’t look great, especially that the size of the smartphone market globally exceeds 1.5 million phones, as they are less than the Weekly sales achieved by Apple from the sale of phones the iPhone!

It is worth mentioning that the sales had doubled compared to 2016, as the share of Google’s market share rose from 1.8% to 2.8% through the year 2017 within the US markets.

Google the giant of the Software Industry globally – no one can question that – will towards the interest of Industry technical “hardware” and in particular smart devices and that after the completion of the acquisition transaction on the smart phone in the HTC Corporation a Taiwanese antique huge deal amounted to $ 1.1 million.

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