Alphabet reveal add Google Chrome uses artificial intelligence to hide the offensive comments

Google Chrome

Facing social networks like Facebook and Twitter instead, YouTube and Reddit comments abusive every day, it is a pity that it is very difficult trying to stop it. If you of people who prefer to spend the day on the internet without reading the comments offensive, you may be the addendum to Tune the browser Google Chrome is suitable for you.

The development of this addendum by Jigsaw, a subdivision in the company Alphabet. Returning to the add Tune, they are an add-on for Google Chrome supported by artificial intelligence have the ability to hide offensive comments. Adopted addendum to the Tune on the previous efforts of the company with the addition of Perspective, which was launched two years ago, which also tried to counter-offensive comments online automatically using machine learning technology.

Users will have the option to adjust the comments to the levels of their favorite, where they can choose to hide all the offensive comments completely, or turn off the addon completely and allow everything, or set it somewhere in the middle where you get a wonderful mix of comments if you don’t prefer to filter the comments.


However, according to the team Jigsaw, it says that the machine learning technology used in the addendum Tune is still in the experimental stage, which means it may work in some cases, may not work in other situations, but the team is working on improving this technology. If you are interested in this add and want to get it, you can it through the source link below.


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