Almost a third of Android users wants to switch to iPhone

That is the exorbitant price, and not personal animosity or ideological principles is the main reason why many users are forced to choose an Androidsmartphone instead of iPhone. It showed a public opinion poll conducted among the participants of the Telegram-channel The majority of respondents clearly indicated that with pleasure would pass on the decisions of Apple, if they cost the same as their current Android device.

Of its wish to abandon its current Android smartphone announced almost a third of respondents. According to them, they were forced to choose a smartphone based on the OS from Google due to their availability. While even the flagship devices running Android are assessed by their producers to the 500-600 dollars to buy a comparable to the iPhone’s features for the money, not for two years. The most affordable of the flagships from Apple today is estimated at $ 750.

Android is better than iOS

A negative response to the proposal to move to the iPhone if the price was lower, gave 54% of respondents. Then, obviously, answered the ideological users who fall asleep and Wake up with the words “bootloader” and “custom” and who cherish freedom above the imaginary stability. Well, or at least not admit that iPhone for them is too expensive. However, to know how sincere they were, probably still fail.

The remaining 19% could not answer the question unequivocally. For them it was too controversial and multifaceted. On the one hand, explained one of the respondents, he would have gladly tried to use the iPhone, and even has the opportunity to buy the flagship model. But on the other, it deters possible difficulties that will be faced when changing software platforms. It just so happened that the iOS and Android, despite some similarities, still too different.

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