Allergy season in the cities of fewer crimes

The air we breathe can affect our behavior. Recently this fact was confirmed by researchers from the us state of Colorado, which found a relationship between dirty city air and the rise in crime. As it turned out, the degree of aggressiveness of the people can affect even air-borne plant pollen. When a lot of it, many people have allergies — endless sneezing and the running streams of tears directly affects the mood and health. Probably allergic to pollen there are many potential perpetrators, because the observations of scientists proved the existence of a relationship between seasonal allergies and a decrease in the number of crimes.

In acute Allergy, the person becomes less aggressive because of the weakness

Results conducted by researchers from the American state of Michigan was published in the scientific journal Health Economics. The researchers collected data about the level of crime in 17 cities across the U.S. and found that in the seasons of flowering plants of the crimes are committed by 4% less than usual. At this time, many people have an Allergy to pollen, which causes bouts of endless sneezing and severe lacrimation.

What good Allergy medicine?

It is noteworthy that in this study we are basically talking about everyday crimes. These include domestic disputes between lovers and family that ends in tragedy. Given that the allergic seasons, many people prefer to stay at home, reduce the number of domestic scandals seems extremely surprising phenomenon. It is logical to assume that in times when many people are together in a confined space, the number of quarrels statistically there should be more. But no — the results of the study prove the opposite.

Allergies can be waiting throughout the period between early spring and late autumn

The researchers believe that the reason for lowering the aggressiveness of people is floating in the air pollen. According to the world health organization, from allergies currently affects about 40% of the entire population of our planet. Of course, there are a huge number of people, barely surviving the seasons of flowering plants. And, most interesting among Allergy sufferers probably have an aggressive personality that can commit a violent crime.

You will not believe it, but criminals get sick too

And they would have done, only now in season allergies they definitely feel lack of energy, because sneezing annoying able to squeeze all the energy from even the most sturdy sturdy. Some studies show that in the period of exacerbation of allergic reactions people’s mood may change so that they are able to fall into depression. To side effects allergies include decreased mental alertness, poor memory and delayed reaction. Yeah, the city of Jack-the Ripper at this time, it is better to lie down at home.

By the way, some people may even be allergic to water

In General, the composition of the air we breathe affects many factors of our lives. The worst thing is that especially much the air affects its duration. In one of our articles we mentioned that because of the dirty the city’s air annually kills more than five million people. If you do not take measures to clean the environment from harmful substances, by 2050, the number of deaths could double.

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