All you need to know about the crisis of the ban last Huawei by the government and corporate America

كل ما تود معرفته عن أزمة الحظر الأخيرة لهواوي من قبل الحكومة والشركات الأمريكية

Perhaps the echo of the latest ban imposed by the US government on Huawei make them relate to the landscape though not positively however, the latest big fuss in the ranks of the follow-up to technical and interested phones as well as users of Huawei phones itself, especially after the withdrawal of a license Android stop updates by Google, where followed by this decision the temporary suspension by the United States government for 90 days.

But what is the secret behind the ban last and how does it help the events throughout the month, days money? This is what we will see through a review of a series of covering our news the Chinese company and the US government.

The beginning is hidden from the Friday war economic circuit between the poles of the world economy United States China years ago, a Chick mutual taxes on goods imported from all countries where the frequency is increased less with the arrival of the administration of US President Donald Trump to be the last to raise U.S. tariffs to 25% on more than 3,800 products imported from China.

And as a whole, including but not limited to the can say that Huawei has been banned from entering the US market effectively year; where it was as close as you can to conclude a deal to sell its phones in partnership with the operators of communications networks there; following the decision and recommendations of the Senate to prevent such a partnership for fear of the consequences of the occurrence of a state a prey to the Chinese government by Huawei based on security reports U.S. return to start operations in 2012.

Where was and still is Huawei the implementation of these allegations and all of those charges, to accelerate the pace of home since then include a number of products and partnerships was on her head to prevent cooperation with Huawei in the creation of infrastructure for networks of the fifth generation which is the side where the company even if their products are of the highest efficiency globally and less price than their competitors in this area, which poses a threat to Americans. certainly due to the technical which will be owned by Huawei in the case of the development of the fifth-generation networks in the United States and other states; In the time you don’t let the American companies to the same level of technical to Huawei in-building networks high-speed (5G).

As for the damage of the last received Huawei came after the collapse of the talks, the Chinese of America concerning trade and connect their understanding to resolve the crisis, to ratify the president’s decision to allow all companies of foreign communications that pose a threat to the United States on the ban list, to be Huawei is intended primarily brand that falls under its Honor.

And resolution the Google to ban the arrival of updates to the Android operating system for Phones Huawei available in the market currently with the lack of support system, its version full for phones that will launch by Huawei in the future market, and therefore will not be the Application Store Google Play available on company phones and their applications other keep maps and Google services and email that form after no matter how in sync the user’s phone with his other.

But usually the Google after hours allowed for Huawei to take advantage of the Android version is fully cached for a period of three months only based on the decision of the government, at the same time that I got into many American companies to milk the province of Huawei’s where Qualcomm and Intel are on the top of the list knowing that Huawei have alternatives to chip the phones but keep the Intel with a basic chip the edges of the installed portable and indispensable at the present time, it seems that Microsoft will follow the example of their balance sheets not to pull laptops company store digital with a possibility of discontinued support Huawei Cloud services from its platform Azure as well as Windows operating system.

And what can be deduced from these strikes successive received by Huawei and it was a letter to the Chinese government than its American counterpart, but China is still in the stage of self-restraint has not issued a backlash to this practice for a moment.

As Huawei stated that its current will remain at the same level of received support and updates naturally, as it phones receiving who never set foot in the after market will have its share of updates.

It is worth mentioning that Huawei has worked for years on an alternative system for Android as well as for Windows to be independent and not subject to blackmail as it gets now; but do you see the company in that and get over this crisis and her career as a saturated victories and accelerated growth achieved over the past years even a quarter past, the last, or vice versa?, and In still a possibility of reaching a settlement between the two countries this list because the issue here is not competitive and purely commercial, but the policy focus of the lesson technical as we can see.

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