All you need to know about issue Android oreo for Samsung Galaxy Note 8

See Samsung officially my last week’s update issue Android oreo 8.0 to her phone. Galaxy Note 8 model, which is the phone launched by the company April of last year.

And Samsung during the day to reveal the new generation of phone, the galaxy s 9, which will of the interests of the company directly issued Android oreo 8.1 .

In the following lines we provide to you all you want to know about the product update to change the sender to phones s 8 issue Android oreo.

The size of the update

Will The size of the update to remove a little bit of 1 GHz, where the update will include also additional interface Samsung’s new 9.0 UI and event security for the month of February .

Date update

Update launched already officially in the following countries : Germany, the Netherlands, South Korea, France, Poland, and India, it is planned to continue and to all phones Galaxy Note 8 around the world over the next few weeks.

Guidance update

As soon as the update arrives to us, we have equipped the phone for the update by confirming first the presence of more than 1 GB to install the new version, with the connection to your Wi-Fi internet strong, fast and not separated during the download of the update, as usual, better keep a copy in full of the previous system before the update.

New features in Android oreo 8.0

An infinite number of characteristics and new features will be released to you as soon as the update, the most important :

  • Feature picture-in-picture that allows you to watch videos on the screen while working on another application
  • Adaptive icons which allows the appearance of the same icon the app differently according to the phone’s or device’s existing IT
  • The list of settings will be presented in a simpler
  • Badge notification will show up any icon the application by notice of a new

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