All to hunt: programmer received $ 120,000 for the bugs found in the code EOS

Cyber safety specialist Guido Vranken found 12 vulnerabilities in your code EOS, according to CCN. Job developers Brankin managed just over a week.

The reward for fixing bugs in the code cryptocurrency

The Command used bounty platform HackerOne to fix vulnerabilities in the code EOS. The developers have offered a cash reward for each found bug. Guido Vranken decided to earn and has already raised $ 120,000 as a reward for the found vulnerabilities.

In was so impressed with the progress Guido, even offered him a permanent job on the team. Just each found a bug Vranken received an average of $ 10,000. Informed specialist has worked to find flaws in security systems, Twitter, Tor, OpenSSL, Dropbox, Python, Yahoo! Slack, Trello and HackerOne.

We will remind, earlier in the code EOS was disclosed a serious vulnerability immediately after the completion of the ICO coins, with half EOS is only ten wallets. However, this fact did not affect the course of bitcoin – now it is trading around $ 14.

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