All that is known about the smartphone LG ThinQ G7

LG has not yet unveiled its new flagship smartphone. Even a couple of months ago, the manufacturer said that it no longer intends to follow the accepted norms regarding the release of a new flagship once a year. Now LG will be releasing new items when necessary.

In General, let’s see what happens in reality, but in the meantime, we will summarize what is known about the new flagship. So, the smartphone will be called LG ThinQ G7. The last word should indicate the presence of various artificial intelligence technologies. For example, the device is a dedicated button to launch the Google Assistant. It’s certainly better than button for Bixby Samsung, but our markets still useless. Hopefully that button can be reassigned. On the other hand, Google has already announced that the Assistant in Russian will appear soon.

It is also known that the smartphone will receive the IPS display diagonal of 6.1 inches (Yes, cut) with a maximum brightness of 1000 CD/m2! That’s a lot. Most smartphones this figure correspond to 500 CD/m2. The resolution is still unknown but there is speculation that it will be 3120 x 1440 pixels.

How it will look smartphone, can be estimated from images. Given that the network has already got the renders from reliable sources, the design is no doubt. Colors, as you can see, there will be at least five.

As for parameters, it is expected that the smartphone will receive Snapdragon 845, up to 6 GB of RAM, a dual core camera with 16-megapixel sensor and aperture of F/1.5, and the amount 153,2 x 71,9 x 8.2 mm. to Announce a new must on 2 may.

In this case, interestingly, at MWC 2018 LG somewhere there is shown a G7 smartphone Neo. And this is exactly the device that will be released under the name G7 ThinQ. And I never found clear information where this Neo showed, because the video from the stand published only one Israeli website, and all the rest then replicate. That is, the demonstration was kind of weird. Even more strange is that the smartphone shown was in the beginning of March and will be released only in may.

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