All stocked? Tom Lee again promises Bitcoin 25 thousand dollars

Co-founder of Fundstrat Global Advisors Tom Lee appeared as a guest on Fox News and speculate on traditional markets and cryptocurrencies. It took not much time so long as he predicted Bitcoin rate of 25 thousand dollars by the end of 2018. Its not quite accurate a prediction Whether argues the problem of excessive rasparennoe ICO. However, he still adheres to his belief and stressed that we will see BTC for 25 thousand.

2018 was a “huge disappointment”

Anyone who has any monitors Scripturally knows the name of Thomas Lee. For many years he has repeatedly stated that it expects the continuation of market growth. Lee received wide popularity due to its optimistic forecast of the prices of the main cryptocurrency. Was quite confident, but in July of last year still reduced the forecast to 20 thousand. As of today, none of his predictions have not been realized.

For comment on the situation Tom Lee was invited on Fox Business News. As NewsBTC writes, he noted that for him the entire 2018 was a huge disappointment.

According to experts, the failure of the market to blame for the madness around the ICO throughout 2017. If not admitted speculation of the reason for historic high Bitcoins in 2017 and spoke about the protracted adjustment in 2018. He believes this time has been given to the deliverance from the failed projects that emptied the pockets of investors.

His speech Whether he presented a forecast of 25 thousand dollars. As he notes, Bitcoin has experienced a minimum of 4 decline by 70 percent or more, then always restored. So will recover this time. More data look at cryptodata.

The current rate of coins can be found in our classroom ranking of cryptocurrencies. Today Bitcoin is trading at 3600 dollars in capitalization in 63,15 billion.

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