All ready: which stock exchanges and wallets will support hardwork Bitcoin Cash

Earlier, we wrote about how the holders BCH prepare for the coming split of the blockchain cryptocurrency and talked in detail about the hard forks. This time we will gather the names of the platforms, where does one store their coins from the procedure more benefits. Note that the list of exchanges were made only from trading platforms with the largest trading volumes.

Exchange with support for hard forks of Bitcoin Cash


Representatives from Coinbase confirmed the support of the hard forks of Bitcoin Cash two days ago. They noted that are ready to support the roadmap project published on the website

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In the above-mentioned road map BCH developers want to remove topological order and return to canonical order. Coinbase will constantly monitor the network of cryptocurrency at the moment of the fork, the exchange will announce their next steps after the results of the procedure.


According to Coinswitch, the largest crypto currency exchange also announced full support for the hard forks of Bitcoin Cash. Two hours before the moment of separation of the circuit all the output and input in the BCH will be suspended. The reopening of the exchange in normal mode happens the results of the procedure.


One of the largest Chinese trading platforms have announced the full cooperation of the hard forks. Details are given in the official post of leadership of the exchange.


The Bittrex team will support hardwork. In the official announcement, the staff of the exchange has said it will try to provide its users with coins on both chains split of the blockchain.


This exchange will contribute to the separation of the blockchain the Bitcoin Cash. In HitBTC even decided to provide their users with an additional option — trading fork BCH (BCHABC and BCHSV) to the hard forks. The input and output of new cryptocurrencies will be available from 15 November.

The rest

Among other major exchanges similar statements were made by Huobi, UPbit and Kucoin. Perhaps hardwork Bitcoin Cash is maintained in petty exchanges, but it is highly recommended not to store any coins at all. There is no reason to distrust the above-mentioned trading platforms.

Wallets support the Bitcoin hard forks Cash

Team Ledger Nano’s has warnedthat it will suspend support for Bitcoin Cash November 15. Cryptocurrency should not be stored on the hardware wallet to clarify the situation. Then the developers plan to support the dominant chain BCH.

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The reason for the inconvenience — we all want to avoid unwanted transactions. We will remind, the upcoming hardwork will be activated without protection from attack of re-playability.

To survive this difficult time for all holders of BCH in our cryptodata.


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