All phones and declared to the World Conference for the 2019

Pool company the smart phones conference Mobile World to advertise its phones, here’s the best of what we’ve seen until the moment:

Huawei Mate X

Dead X foldaway bed hand abroad, the tablet is a screen of 8 inch, the best experience for phone be on screen 6.6 inch, but that costs 2300 euros.

Galaxy Fuld

Samsung phone the midwife bending the hand inside, put the tablet lets screen 7.3 inch and the phone lets the screen of 4.6 inches, features a total of 6 cameras to enable photography when you use any mode, will be available April 26 at 1980 dollars.

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Phone model TCL removable bending

Think the same design book that came out Galaxy Fuld, but instead of a second screen for the casing, there is an hour in Leeds, aimed at TCL provide several phones folding of this model affordable.

Microsoft Hololens 2

Microsoft revealed about the system of augmented reality Hololens 2 three years after the launch of the first generation, where the system control double display space and to design the system of gestures of the new, more intuitive.

Nokia 9 PureView

Finally Nokia 9 as the first smart phone carries 5 cameras wallpaper to add sensor time-of-flight which brings the largest amount of data on the depth of the scene compared to any other phone, and the cameras all of them accurately 12 maps a range of lens colors and monochromatic gathered about 10 times the illumination collected by one camera, so the sound that would tell her the phone will be among the best at all, the performance of the device will be coming soon from the cell phones of 2018 leading.

Phones Nokia economic

Nokia revealed phones 4.2 and 3.2 and 1 plus that start their prices from 100$ up to 170$, all its specifications are low and the Android raw Android Wen or Android rules.

Series Galaxy S10

Such as Mobile World Congress, Samsung has announced about series Galaxy S10 premium design and the new fingerprint reader integrated the police report is the first of its kind, course and memory of up to 1 TB of storage, 12 gigabytes of RAM.

There’s a copy S10e less expensive than the standard version of the conditioner, where it remains for a lot of actresses attractive without the reader insight compact company and is available in a smaller size, as there is a stronger version that carries the name of Galaxy S10 5G, features a bigger battery cameras background of the quad, but the best feature is the support of networks of the fifth generation.

Shawty Mi 9

So Shawty suitable for Galaxy S10, presented Mi 9 fingerprint reader and built-in network cameras background of the three: major 48 maps the close of the 12 maps, clear corners, 16 maps, but the biggest advantage is the low price.

LG G8 ThinQ

LG revealed its flagship phone G8 ThinQ distinct camera 3D front, allows to draw gestures on the air as a shortcut for a task or open an application without the need to touch the phone, you can take the palm print with the veins of blood, as well as Face Recognition three dimensions, to use any methods to unlock the device and processes of authentication.

LG V50 ThinQ 5G

Revealed LG for V50 ThinQ as the first its phones leading the support networks of the fifth generation, also distinguishes the phone support second screen detachable and installation CSR.


Reviewed Oppo model of phone that supports the technique of the fifth generation intends to launch it for the first half of 2019, and enhance the phone camera zoom optical even 10-fold, a feature not offered by any phone before.

Shawty Mi Mix 3 5G

Announced the Shao that a copy of Mi-Mex 3 with the support of networks of the fifth generation will be available in May next at around 599 Euros (2547 Sr) in the European market, which means that it will be available at a lower price in our area.

Motorola phones available

Revealed Motorola series G7, consisting of 4 phones: G7 and G7 Play F G7 Power, G7 plus, it is characterized by G7 screen 6.2-inch and processor Snapdragon 632 battery of 3000 mAh.

LG phones available

Revealed LG for Q60 وK50 وK40 the same screen 6.26 inch, and all of it comes right-custom Assistant Google, the biggest difference between them in setting up the cameras the background.

Lenovo Tab V7

Revealed about Lenovo Tab V7 screen 6.9 inch, Qualcomm Snapdragon 450 battery 5180 mAh.

Huawei dead MacBook X Pro

Revealed Huawei for laptop dead MacBook X Pro with the same name and design of the first version, to be the first computers card graphics NVIDIA MX250 which adds to the capabilities of the device, and still camera web compact right-custom in the middle of the row of buttons of the first keyboard.

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