All of what we expect to be revealed by Apple at the conference on March 25,

Apple just it will give its next conference in the twenty-fifth of March, and during this event we think will be about the range of products the long-awaited, such as the next generation of hearing their Ahead new and others, here’s an overview of them all:

1 – AirPods 2

We expect to reveal the Apple for a copy of their latest headset its wireless AirPods 2 which we expect to get a special coating that makes it more viable in the ear better, with IP rating for water resistance, as will other advantages of the new support wireless charging and the possibilities of the enhanced audio option to color the New Black.

2 – Head New

Can also be unveil iPad New developed, perhaps the bigger screen size of 10.2 inches, and it is expected that the new device comes reader imprint, and Lightning instead of USB-C port, headphone 3.5 mm, as the company may also launch the iPad mini 5, which we believe will be to the same specification as the iPad Mini 4, but with a more powerful processor.

3. the wireless charging plate AirPower

Apple reported in the September 12, 2017, and until now I didn’t ask her officially, and when launched finally which we expect that it will be in the next update, you will see AirPower iPhone and hours Apple headphones AirPods all at the same time.

4 – multiple services

It is noteworthy that Apple had stated that its goal is to achieve $ 50 million as revenue services by the year 2020, which is double the amount achieved in the year 2016 where the collection was then $ 25 million, with the arrival of the revenue in the first quarter of this year to the highest level on record at 10.25 million, we believe that the company has a strong chance in achieving its goal, will help her that she will Express News Service New allows subscribers who pay $ 10 a month to get all the news they can read it.

It is also expected to reveal the Apple TV service broadcast a new TV will provide original content like sitcoms for users of the iPhone, iPad, and will also include options for users to communicate in channels of Starz وShowtime.

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