All of the applications Gmail, Maps, get dark mode

Started Google Inc. with the support of two more of its applications to use with dark mode, namely both the application of Gimli and apply the maps.

This support is applicable currently on my system running Android and iOS, but didn’t get it all users!

كلٍ من تطبيق جيميل والخرائط يحصلان على الوضع المُظلمAll of the application of Gmail and maps get dark mode

Where in the tweet to the official account for Gmail on Twitter: “we launched the situation of the dark Gmail app in the last update, so users who have Android 10 and iOS 11 most recent”.

He added the company account: “so that these users are going to see soon an option in the settings to enable Dark Mode”.

It is at the expense of Android’s official Instagram, confirmed the arrival of the dark mode to the Google Maps, which is currently available on the Android 10, not to mention a support system other iOS.

In the support for Dark Mode James download, not all Android users have received them, and the users of iOS, the opposite completely.

كلٍ من تطبيق جيميل و الخرائط يحصلان على الوضع المُظلمAll of the applications Gmail, Maps, get dark mode

Where to apply to the app on your iPhone, you must first Enable Dark Mode on the system, and instead, go to the settings of Gmail and then attribute and select Dark Mode.

Finally, understand that some users will have to wait a bit to get the dark mode in Gmail as well as Google Maps.

Even if their phone works with the latest versions of Android or iOS, since it officially became, what would the arrival of updates for everyone.

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