Ali Baba and the technology is cheap to help the blind to touch

علي بابا تطور تقنية رخيصة لمساعدة المكفوفين للتسوق باللمس

Registration through the area of the various electronic has become a familiar and prevalent significantly, since the entry of smart phones into the service finds no human sighted any hassles in reaching the purpose to buy it, only his taste, but it’s different for people who are blind, despite the presence of a screen reader Digital which facilitates you a lot in terms of dealing with applications and social networks to communicate with friends, keep an electronic registry problem for them, being the shopping sites with complex interfaces, complete with icons, which causes difficulty to reach the market or the product being reader Digital will pass on the recipe everything before the arrival of the Purpose Institute, In addition to the orders of confirmation and return in the menu and move the notes where the difficulty is often caused in the application of the orders wrong .

Two years ago, announced the Alibaba company for its work to provide special technology blind to facilitate the process of registration through smart phones, said late in the area DAMO for research, where he arrived today to provide what I have called (Smart Touch) a piece of plastic that sits on top of the screen contains three small buttons from the silicon to enable the issuance of commands when you press them, as back in the menu or confirm a particular application such as, for example, helping the blind to avoid wrong choices of orders and makes it easier for the commission to press manually the shortcuts away from the interface, full of icons and misunderstandings with the reader digital.

Are considered a property of the touch a new gate to increase the interaction between the human blind machine of here smartphone in a similar manner why do you have it with the person sighted, and not only use the tool to touch the New Ali Baba on the fingers only; but also used the sky to read the text rapidly without the earphones or play it on external speakers loudly by raising your phone and touch the buttons of the ear.

The piece intelligent touch on the two copies, especially two of application my travels and Alipay where different functionality for the buttons when you move between the two applications automatically, you need (Smart Touch) that do not exceed the price of 1$ for several tests prior to launch beginning in 2019 as reported by the company, where the said director of research at the Academy of DAMO Chen Zhao that the technology is ready but just need time in order to tested on different smartphones.

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