Alcatel announces three phones on 24 February next

The company announced the global Alcatel about the Launch Date of its phones new, announced that on February 24 will be announced formally on three phones of versions, and also announced all the details of your price and sell phones and that will be on display phones in the beginning.

Have seen phones of the company since the end of the 2017 leaked images the new versions for 2018, included the delivery of five phones and one phone with high specifications and it is within the phones leading to 2018 as the rumors that promoted those news.

Phones alcatel 3V وalcatel 5 on Amazon France in January 2018

Previously, all the next launch of the last in the month of January, where the company announced the Alcatel announced the launch of the phone alcatel 3V وalcatel 5 on Amazon in France last month, the company has confirmed that the next launch will be the United States of America, will be put the two phones ex with the issuance of Alcatel this year’s second which phone alcatel 1X.

And the difference will be in the display of the three phones and the review of the specifications and in the Conference of technology leaders in this month’s MWC 2018, and scheduled to put forth on February 24, according to the company announcement of Alcatel in the United States.

Specifications available for phones Alcatel:

The police didn’t know about a lot of the specifications of the phones, what we know from the specification is what is shown in the photo is advertised for phones only, finally, وalcatel 5 as the back page of the leaked old, it will be the dialogue of narrow sideways, as well as the edge of the phone below the screen, and the upper edge only to the regular season so that they contain the sky and to her side on what looks like Dual front camera.

And because the phone alcatel 5 will be the phone of Alcatel’s flagship for this year it is expected to come with a processor strong performance, and with the latest Android operating system, and of course would be the accuracy of the front and rear cameras high resolution, perhaps supporting front cameras shoot video.

Unlike phone alcatel 5 is expected to be phones alcatel 3V, alcatel 1X less in the specifications, and of course less in price, phones as shown in pictures long and biggest size of the phone alcatel 5, As will places the operation buttons on the phone, while there is a Run button and unlock the screen and control buttons in the photo on the right side on phone alcatel 1X the situation will vary a little bit in the second phone.

Finally, alcatel 3V button will be run on the right side, while the button in the photo on the left side, as would be its screen size 18: 9, thus this phone is the biggest size in the phones of Alcatel for the year 2018 which appeared to us until now.

This is available from the specifications of the three phones thank anxious not to publish any news about the rest of the specifications, so specifications apart fact from rumor in the MWC conference leaders.

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