AirTag: what do we know about search tracker Apple

If you followed the process of beta testing iOS 13, you probably know that it has found several references to not yet announced to the tracker Apple. It is because of them many thought that the novelty will present at the presentation along with iPhone 11. However, neither in September, nor in October, the tracker is not shown, and then completely removed from iOS everything that reminded of his existence. This decision was rather strange, considering that usually these leaks are a guarantee of an early release. But since the precise information on the timing of the release we have, talk about the features of the gadget.

Search tracker Apple call AirTag. At least at this points iOS 13.2

The contents

What is AirTag

Search the tracker needs to search for lost items. Importantly, at the time of loss they were together

This is a wireless tracking device designed to locate lost things. Typically, such beacons are placed in one of the sections of the bag, purse or suitcase, to be able to track its location on the smartphone screen. Initially it was assumed that the tracker will call the Apple Tag, but in iOS there were 13.2 commercial name things – AirTag.

How does AirTag

In the app Find My has a built-in section to search for AirTag

The basis of AirTag, most likely, will be the chip U1, which is installed in iPhone 11 and is responsible for the wireless connection and the most accurate positioning. Thanks to him, the tracker allows to determine the location of lost things with an accuracy of several centimeters. Besides it is not excluded that AirTag will be able to establish a connection with the iPhone users passing by using them as transmitters to transmit information about its location to the owner.

How does AirTag

Apparently, this is AirTag

Despite the fact that any pictures or renders in the Network do not appear in iOS beta 13 has been found the picture, allegedly the incarnation of the appearance tracker. It is a small washer in white with the Apple logo on the front and probably a compartment for the removable battery in the back.

How to find lost things with AirTag

A balloon in augmented reality is a pointer to the location of lost things

AirTag will be compatible with search Find My. In one of the test builds of iOS 13 there was even the appropriate section to release just removed. But, apparently, search will be carried out by clicking on the icon attached to your account AirTag, and the location of the lost item will be shown on the map. For clarity, it is planned to identify the desired object image of the balloon in AR.

How much will it cost Air Tag

Most likely, AirTag will be more expensive than Tile

Since the information about AirTag not very many, it’s clear that information about pricing yet either. However, it is possible to start from the pricing of the competitors. For example, trackers Tile sold at a price of 25-35 dollars. Given that AirTag will be more functional because it can connect to a passing user, it’s likely to be more expensive. According to our estimates, the retail price will be $ 39, or 2490 rubles.

When I imagine AirTag

Presentation AirTag will probably take place no earlier than 2020

This information, it seems, has not even Apple. In any case, if you believe the rumors, the company planned the release of the news for September, but for some reason postponed it. And since in the near future, presentations are not expected any more, then, will present a novelty only in March 2020. This, of course, inaccurate information, but such device, as AirTag definitely need a separate event, during which Apple would explain how it will work and why you might need.

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