AirPods Pro: How to customize the controls sensor force Force Sensor

Come hear the AirPods Pro with some great features such as noise cancellation and transparency with the new design in the ear, we have previously covered how to switch between both features, and today we will explain how to customize the controls sensor force Force Sensor, including the speed of a click and duration of the pressure, and what does his pressure on all of the fish right and left.

The first and second generation of earphones Apple used to double-clicking on the earphones controls. But to hear the AirPods Pro other this design and used the pressure sensor of the force embedded in the leg of each earpiece.

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Working pressure long to switch between noise-canceling and transparency, while moving clicks single and double and triple in the audio playback.

Here we’ll show how to customize the sensors of force, including speed, pressure, duration and how to enable noise cancellation when using the headset only single.

Customize the sensor to say what the between the speaker and the left and right:

  1. On your iPhone, go to Settings> Bluetooth
  2. Click on the “i” next to the AirPods Pro (make sure you contact them)
  3. Within the option “Press and Hold AirPods”, select the speaker left or right
  4. Customize sensor power hearing instruments noise control or Siri
  5. You can also choose Off” to turn off the check in the options of the elongated

AirPods Pro مستشعر القوة Force Sensor

How to customize the speed and duration of pressure on the sensor power in the headphones AirPods Pro:

  1. Open Settings, then went to access
  2. Drag down and click on the AirPods
  3. Adjust the speed of the pressure, Press Speed, and tap and hold Press and Hold Duration, by choosing something other than the default
  4. You can also enable noise cancellation using a headset one of a pair of headphones AirPod Pro through a key switch located at the bottom of the Settings screen this

AirPods Pro مستشعر القوة Force Sensor

If you are not the controls in the headset AirPod Pro familiar to you, here are there as are all the patterns of clicks on the speaker.

عناصر تحكم سماعة AirPod Pro

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